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The Orange Collar Alert is a visual pet recovery alert system. There is no electronic device attached to the collar. Owners must first, inflatable the collar by blowing air into the small tube (like that found on a beach ball) and place it around their pet's neck. A simple service message: Missing, please report this pet found on, instructs the public what to do when they encounter your pet.

Each collar comes with it's own registration code, when registering your pet's collar- we ask for many contacts. Contact requests include neighbors, veterinarians, county animal shelters (so we may contact them to ensure your pet isn't mistakenly euthanized or re-homed), relatives, pet sitters and even social media.

Much research is available on inflatable pet collars, as they have been proven to be comfortable, safe and allows free range of motion to eat, drink, play and sleep!

Collars are not worn all day, everyday. That's impractical. Collars are encouraged to be worn only during the most highly reported circumstances of pets going lost/missing: backyard play time, travel, vet visits and July 4th!

This system allows lost/missing pets to immediately signal to the public their need for help; saving their life and sparing their owner years of heartache and guilt.

When pets go lost/missing, owners feel deep loss, guilt, heartache, depression and even anger.  Lost/missing pets get injured, forever lost or worst, end up unclaimed in shelters.  According to industry expert Pet FBI, quoting the ASPCA, only 17-30% of dogs and 2-5% of cats ever get reclaimed from shelters.  It is not unusual for a cat turned into the shelter to be euthanized the same day, according to Pet FBI.

According to the National Council of Pet Population Study and Policy and National Humane Society, a family pet is lost every 2 seconds. Over 10 million pets are lost each year. One out of three pets are lost during their lifetime.  Only one in ten family pets is found. 

According to The Humane Society of The United States, there are more pets lost on July 4th than any other time of year.  On the Fourth of July, so many pets are frightened and try to escape the sights and sounds, those animal shelters around the nation report a dramatic increase in pets during the holiday.

Pet owners who travel report lost/missing pets often.  When travelling, sometimes pet owners are unable to stay for extended periods of time to search for their missing pet.  It is difficult to know all resources to look for missing pets in unfamiliar areas. 

There is no clearinghouse for lost/missing pets; such as there is for stolen cars, according to PET FBI. Pet recovery products and systems miss the slim window of opportunity by not identifying lost/missing pets immediately. If you find a pet, you can use your cellphone to report the lost/missing pet found immediately, there’s no need to take the pet into the vet or shelter. 

Rescuers of lost/missing pets can reunite pets with owners within minutes, oftentimes at the very location where they are found. Orange Collar Alert pets have searching owners! The public can immediately identify an Orange Collar Alert pet, versus a stray. The public no longer needs to feel hesitation about assisting an animal and ultimately being forced to care for them, or worse turn them over to a shelter. The Orange Collar Alert system significantly lowers delays in pet reunions and saves lives.

In conclusion, Amazing reunions are happening here!

The Orange Collar Alert

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